Dermatologist & homeopath (EN)


My mastery of the English language is sufficient for a basic consultation in dermatology which is not the case for a global assessment in homeopathy.
Thank you for your understanding.

Who I am ?

I practice dermatology with an integrative approach, interested not only in the skin symptom, but also in the overall health of my patients.
Thus, depending on the case, conventional dermatological treatment may be supplemented by an approach comprising the hygiene of the patient’s life and, if necessary, an assessment of the homeopathic field.
Because it is also important in our society to feel good about yourself, well with your image, I also offer aesthetic treatments with discernment and choice of the best tolerated technics.

Dre Aline Vaucher

My carrer

  • Medical studies in Paris – Broussais Hôtel Dieu University
  • Specialization in dermatology in Lyon – Edouard Herriot Hospital – Hôtel Dieu – Croix Rousse Hospital
  • Medical practice in Aix-les-Bains for 10 years
  • Medical practice Cressy Medical Center in Confignon-Geneva for 15 years, until end of 2022
  • Medical practice Clinique de Carouge (2021 – February 2023)
  • Cabinet Médical K-Rouge (Carouge) from March 2023
  • Trained in homeopathy: CEDH in Paris, then diploma in Unicist Homeopathy at the Ecole Dauphiné Savoie in Grenoble
  • Diploma recognized by the 3 official French homeopathic schools
  • Teacher at the ESRHU school in Switzerland
  • Training in medical fasting at the Fasting Medical Academy
  • Training in Aesthetic Dermatology

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